Tip Toe

Through The Tulips Pella is famous for it’s tulips. Over 128,000 tulips are planted in gardens and tulip lanes throughout the town. Late April is generally prime tulip viewing although different varieties bloom throughout April and early May. Tulip beds are labeled so you can learn about the different types and varieties.

Hunt for Mushrooms

After some warm spring showers and the first warm days of spring, edible morel mushrooms rise up from the forest floor. Check with experts before consuming, but these fungi can be fried up or used in soups for a delicious spring treat.

Nature’s Blooms

Wildflowers can be spotted along the Volksweg Trail and other hiking trails at Lake Red Rock. Bring your camera to get some great shots, but please leave the flowers blooming so everyone can enjoy.

Blaze the A to Z Foodie Trail

In the morning, plan a stop at a Smokey Row Coffee shop to get some locally roasted coffee or stop by one of the bakery stops for some sweet treats. For lunch, stop at Hometown Meats & Deli for a locally made tenderloin sandwich. In the afternoon, plan a treat of locally made chocolates, cupcakes, or beef sticks. And after a day hiking, enjoy a toast to some great memories at one of the A to Z Foodie stops featuring locally grown wines at Nearwood Winery, unique martinis at A & P Pub or locally brewed craft beers at Peace Tree Brewing Company.

More Seasons

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